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Door René Goris op Sunday 07 Jun 2009 om 09:59:47 Clearing IIS cache

In Windows 2003 Server, 'Internet Services manager' every site has an Application Pool defined with it's own node. To clear the cache of an individual website is not possible but clearing the cache of a whole an Application Pool can be done by recycling the Application Pool.

To recycle the application pool:

  • Goto the "Application Pools" in Internet Services Manager;
  • Right-click on the appropriate pool;
  • Select recycle;
  • Cache is cleared.
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Door René Goris op Thursday 22 Jan 2009 om 08:51:38 404 Error on .aspx or .asp pages

Getting an 404 error when you try to open a Classic ASP .asp page or DotNet .aspx page.

Configuration: Windows Server 2003 64bit, IIS 6.0

  • Open IIS Manager
  • Open 'Web Service Extensions'  (see image)
  • Select ASP.NET v2.x
  • Press Allow

Now it is working!

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Door René Goris op Tuesday 06 Oct 2009 om 01:01:47 Windows Search Service

On Windows server 2003 R2 64Bit occasionally an error occurred... and the process calling the search hanged, stopped working and the server didn’t respond anymore.


'The protocol handler Search.Mapi2Handler.1 cannot be loaded. Error description: Class not registered'

The problem here is that windows is using two processes wo search for files:

  • 32Bit search (not installed on 64bit servers)
  • 64Bit searh (default installed)

Solution: ''regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\mssph.dll'' to register 32Bit version.

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Door René Goris op Tuesday 14 Dec 2010 om 01:08:01 HP SimpleSave

With installing the HP Simplesave is seen by the Windows 2003 (64 bit) system as CD drive instead of Disk Drive. So simple isn't the Simplesave!

The solution
  • Disable HP Virtual CD... (Computer Management - Device Manager - DVD/CD-ROM drives)
  • Refresh Disk Management, the hard is shown as disk drive!
  • Format disk by right click - Format
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Problems with Windows 2003 Server

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